F1 Drivers Points

It is always quite interesting to look at how the points stack up with each driver from the biggest F1 teams. In 2019, we know that the Mercedes team has been dominating the season since the very first race by continuously grabbing the first and second position. Well, with the last race in Monaco, we finally saw some change as S. Vettel got ahead of Bottas and caught his first, second place finish for the season.

Even though the second-place finish doesn’t do much for the Ferrari team’s catch up on Mercedes, it certainly shows that they are finally figuring out what’s holding them back. In the 2019 season, it has all been about the top three teams, including Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. These teams have managed to get ahead by huge margins, which are almost impossible to catch up to by the other organizations.

Below, we look at the point contributions for each team and who has been the star when it comes to contributing the most points over the racing events up to now.


It is quite amazing to see a single team grab so many consecutive winnings. They have managed to break world records, which were set by Ferrari back in the 80s. Up to now, both of their cars have been in the top three positions with every single race for the 2019 season. In fact, with each track except for the Monaco event has featured Mercedes in both first and second place. As you can imagine, this has given the team the most significant advantage when it comes to accumulating points and getting ahead of the rest to win the 2019 F1 GP.

Hamilton has undoubtedly been the star of the team by accumulating a total of 137 points in the first six races. His teammate, Bottas isn’t far behind with a total of 120 points for the team and has also managed to grab many first-place finishes by beating Hamilton to the line. However, with the race in Monaco, his third-place finish didn’t give him the points to keep up with Hamilton as he has been for the first five races.

Combined, the two Mercedes drivers accumulated a total of 257 points for the team, which sets them more than 100 points ahead of the next best team.


It seems as if Ferrari has been having some problems with tyres and all sorts of other things. However, it hasn’t stopped them from delivering an exciting race and finishing high up on the leaderboard, well at least not for Sebastian Vettel. Up to now, he managed to grab a total of 82 points for the team, which includes his best finish of second place in Monaco. His teammate adds another 57 points in total, which is still high when you consider that Charles Leclerc is new to the team.

Red Bull

Finally, we see one of the most impressive drivers in F1 at the moment. Max Verstappen from the Red Bull team has managed to carry the team to third place with a total of 78 points. He and Vettel are continuously battling for third place, which has given him the finishes needed to keep them in the run. His teammate Pierre Gasly hasn’t been quite as quick, but still adds a total of 32 points.