Coronavirus Concerns for Bahrain GP

Ticket sales surrounding the Bahrain Grand Prix for Formula One have been postponed. This announcement was confirmed by organizers earlier this week, with them citing the coronavirus concerns in the country. The situation is currently being assessed by medical experts, with the Bahrain International Circuit Association expressing that postponed tickets will be re-released for purchase at a later date. Depending on his medical experts determine the event needs to be cancelled, refunds will be provided to all attendees that purchased tickets. Refunds could also be provided to a select crowd, limiting the volume of people at this Grand Prix.

Details regarding the percentage of tickets that’ve already been sold weren’t revealed by Bahrain GP representatives, with them refusing to comment to reporters. However, these reps did mention that BICA is dedicated to providing a safe and exciting experience for attendees, that they’ll be working with Bahrain Government Departments to ensure limited-to-no exposure with the coronavirus.

The official statement provided from the Bahrain International Circuit Association expresses that the continued global pandemic with the Covid-19 virus is forcing the phasing out of Grand Prix tickets. This is being accomplished due to local legislation that enforces social distancing guidelines. When the World Health Organization releases additional facts surrounding this virus, new steps will be taken by BICA. It should be noted that the Bahrain International Circuit Association has been in continued communication with Formula One Management. Both outfits are working with health authorities in the Bahrain Kingdom, with all three determining what circumstances must be implemented to ensure global citizen safety. This will be a drastically hard challenge for Bahrain to accomplish.

New Facilities

This announcement also confirmed that additional facilities are being created for the Bahrain Grand Prix. All facilities will support public health measures, ensuring that any potential outbreak can be immediately resolved within the confines of this venue. Facilities being implemented include a screening room, specialist medical emergency rooms, sanitation stations, hand washing stations and information booths. Additional medical protocols are also being implemented, with those protocol details now being provided to reporters.

Even with all of these additional safety and health protocols, the Grand Prix itself is being called into question. Travel restrictions could prompt an unexpected cancellation of this venue entirely, with further closures possible throughout Italy and Japan. Considering that there have already been travel restrictions throughout Dubai, there’s the potential for five Grand Prix’s to be cancelled this year.