Claire Williams Thankful to Leading F1 Teams

Formula One fans don’t often hear from Claire Williams, the Principal for Rokit Williams Racing. However, this has changed after the Team Boss confessed her thanks and sympathies towards F1s three most notable teams. She sympathies follow after budget caps were lowered for the 2nd time. Claire praised Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull for understanding the circumstances for Midfield Teams with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delegations regarding the Formula One budget cap took weeks, with each team having their thoughts on what that valuation should be. It was initially decided that caps would be lowered to $175 million, which was announced earlier in 2019. After the coronavirus broke out worldwide and forced an immediate reduction in profits for Midfield Teams, budgets were lowered by an additional $30 Million to $145M.

This has come as a significant hit to operations for Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull. They’re used to spending 3x the budgets than smaller teams like Rokit Williams Racing or Haas. Car development for Formula One is extensive, with these lower costs anticipated to create slower cars but more overtaking opportunities. It’ll be a Yin & Yang experience for the grid, with this lowered budget cap being a requirement for ensuring the protection of smaller teams. Losing multiple outfits would prompt Formula One to end for more extended periods. It’s ultimately in the interest of organisations like Red Bull to agree to a lowered budget cap.

Claire Williams Remarks

Before Rokit Williams Racing was handed over to Claire Williams, they were one of the most notable outfits on the grid. This was accomplished through the leadership of Sir Frank Williams. When Claire took over, their capabilities dropped dramatically, and they now considered the worst team in Formula One. This doesn’t mean that Claire isn’t working towards improving herself, with the COVID-19 pandemic possibly being the factor that enables Rokit Williams Racing to return to providence.

Claire recognized that the top three teams would face enormous challenges with the $145M Budget Cap. She isn’t incorrect, with Mercedes spending an average of $500M per car. Engineers will find themselves challenges to implement technologies from the last few years at lower costs. This most likely means that teams like Rokit Williams have a better opportunity at competing with Ferrari or Red Bull.