Chinese Grand Prix Cancelled

Formula one supporters were disappointed to learn that the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai has been cancelled. This confirmation follows after the substantial outbreak of the coronavirus, forcing the April 19th race to be postponed indefinitely until the disease can be terminated. Formula one’s association determined that the well-being and health of personnel were instrumental. Meetings were held earlier this week with Shanghai promoters, informing them that the continued spread of this disease will prompt substantial concerns amongst employed individuals in F1.

Conferences were held at the Baku Circuit on February 11th, informing reporters about the decision that had been made. Global health concerns from the World Health Organization have prompted for numerous sporting events, technology conferences and musician’s tours to be cancelled. This has applied to the worldwide stage, with events like the Mobile World Conference being drastically affected as well. Chase Carey, the chief executive officer with Formula One, confirmed that the Chinese Grand Prix could be rescheduled if the coronavirus is cured.

Since December 31st, the coronavirus has taken the lives of 1000+ individuals in the People’s Republic of China. Shanghai is located 500 miles from the Wuhan Province, with multiple people in this metropolis holding the disease. The FIA received demands from the European Centre of Disease Prevention & Control to cancel the Shanghai Grand Prix. There’s even the possibility that the Vietnam Grand Prix could be cancelled as well, with the 2020 season meaning to be this circuits first.

Additional Details

It should be noted that multiple personnel in Formula One had to travel to China earlier this week to complete the Visa Application process, with them all potentially bringing the coronavirus to Barcelona for testing. One of these individuals is Toto Wolff, with all personnel being cleared of any contamination being returning flights. There have been individuals cleared of the coronavirus for a return flight home, only to become infected days later. This is because this deadly virus doesn’t show any symptoms for upwards of five days.

This marks the 1st cancellation of the 2020 decade for Formula One, with their last postponement following the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix. This event was terminated because of civil unrest, which saw an increase in violent protests and multiple deaths. Though these two events are entirely different, the 2020 coronavirus could prompt numerous deaths amongst the 2000+ personnel that attend the Chinese Grand Prix. This doesn’t include the 100+ thousand individuals that attend this event to see drivers compete for victory. The spread of infection could’ve been exponential if this event hadn’t been terminated.