Car Launches for Formula One

The start for 2020s Formula 1 season is fifty days away from January 25th. This means it’s almost time for manufacturers in the motorsport to reveal their upcoming cars. The 1st will be Ferrari, who is showcasing their Italian F1 racing car on February 11th. Representatives with Ferrari Motorsports are displaying the new vehicle thirty kilometres away from their headquarters. This event will be streamed to live audiences worldwide at 7:30 GMT. It should be noted that both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel’s vehicles will be displayed, with both drivers anticipated to be at this event.

Alfa Romeo

The next organization in Formula One that’ll showcase their 2020 vehicle is Alfa Romeo. It was confirmed via Instagram that Alfa Romeo would present on February 27th. Throughout the 2020 season, Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen will head their new vehicles. It’s known that there’ll be a live stream similar to Ferrari, which will be forty-five minutes long. Alfa Romeo has said their 2020 lineup of F1 cars are far superior to 2019, with them anticipating a better placement in the driver standings. It should be noted that Giovinazzi could be switched out for Robert Kubica, who joined Alfa Romeo as a reserve driver this year.

Racing Point

The Stroll Family, one of the richest in Canadian history, operates the Racing Point motorsport organization. They confirmed this week that their 2020 lineup of vehicles would be showcased on February 17th. It’ll be presented in Mondsee at the BWT Headquarters, with this company being the head sponsorship for Racing Point. The Silverstone-based manufacturer hopes that their 2020 vehicle will outpace the 2019 model, which could mean better placement in the drivers and constructors’ championship.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but a substantial change in the livery for Racing Point could follow this launch. Lawrence Stroll has been avidly discussing the option of buying Aston Martin’s placement in F1. Instead of the bright pink and white that has defined Racing Point for years, it’d be switched over to deep black. Lawrence Stroll will pay upwards of $600 million for this agreement, with discussions being finalized in recent weeks. Motorsport analysts anticipate that Racing Point will confirm their contract at the February 17th reveal.

The one alteration to Racing Point that supports wanted to see was the removal of Lance Stroll, the son of Lawrence. However, he remains the head driver for the 2020 season. This follows after his destructive performance throughout last season, with his teammate Sergio Perez outperforming Stroll regularly. Testing for Racing Point will begin two days after their reveal on February 19th, which will showcase which of these two drivers will perform best in 2020.