Can Ferrari Still Win the 2019 GP

So far, Mercedes has managed to pick up a fantastic lead over the rest of the teams by finish in first and second with just about every race in the first half of the season. It’s given them a massive lead in points, making most accept that they are already the winners of the 2019 season.

However, in recent races, the Ferrari team managed to get great results, but they don’t seem to get it quite right to finish together. Sure, they in the top five most of the time, but we haven’t seen them both in first and second as yet. Many wonders if this would be enough for the Ferrari team to catch up and win the season if they manage to claim first and second place for the rest of 2019. The great news is, this would give them 301, but how long would Mercedes have to finish to provide the team with that chance?
Sure, it’s unlikely, and it would be simply amazing for the Ferrari team to achieve that, but those significant fans always have faith and aim for the smallest chance of the team coming through.

What if they Finish in First and Second all the Way?

As mentioned, there’s still 301 points that the Ferrari team can claim. The odds of it happening are low, but that’s the most points they can claim. There are still seven races after the Italian GP, and if they finish in first and second, they will request a total of 43 points, 25 points for first and 18 for second place.

At this point, just after the Italian GP, the Mercedes team has a total of 505 points while Ferrari totals at 351 points. So, they only need 154 points to catch up with Mercedes, that’s assuming Mercedes doesn’t get any more points.

If both Mercedes drivers manage to get in third and fourth place after the Ferrari drivers, they would claim a total of 196 points. As you can see, that would already put Ferrari back in second place as Mercedes would have more than 40 points more than them.

Therefore, if Ferrari stood a chance, it would mean the Mercedes team would need to finish lower than the top five in just about every race while they finish in first and second. Up to now, the Ferrari team managed to improve a lot and give the Mercedes drivers a good run for their money. The Italian GP had the Leclerc in first for Ferrari while Vettel finished in fourth, giving them a total of 38 points, which is excellent. However, Mercedes grabbed the second and third place and collected 33 points, meaning Ferrari caught up by five points. They now need to get around 20 points advantage over Mercedes in every race to catch up and beat them.