Bahrain F1 Results

Even though Ferrari said they are ready for the Bahrain F1, it doesn’t seem like they were quite prepared for the incredible performance Mercedes has to offer.

Last weekend we finally got to the second race of the season and once again saw loads of action between the leading teams. Since the beginning of 2019, we saw new confidence with the Ferrari team, but it was shortlived as they didn’t fare too well in the Australian GP. However, Sebastian Vettel still got himself into fourth place, scoring the team 12 points and Leclerc was just behind him with a contribution of 10 points. While these results might not have been ideal, it would have been much worse.

During practice for the Bahrain GP, we once again saw Ferrari be9ing confident with fast lap times and cars running well. Leclerc was the most impressive, offering faster laps than Vettel who has a lot more experience behind the wheel of the Ferrari.

Mercedes, the team everyone is expecting to dominate the rest as they have been for the last five years has been doing incredibly well. Starting with the Australian GP, we saw both the Merc drivers appearing in the front, taking both first and second place and scoring massive points for the team. V. Bottas was the first to cross the line with a time of 1:25:27.325 and Hamilton was 20.886 seconds behind him, but still got second place.

Bahrain GP

As the race began, the Ferrari fans had reason to be excited as Vettel and Lalerc managed to grab the lead, but had to be careful as both Mercedes were right behind. Within the first few turns, Bottas made his move and took second place from Leclerc. By the end of lap 1, we saw Vettel lead in the Ferrari, Bottas in the Merc right behind him, Lalerc in third and Hamilton in fourth. Verstappen managed to keep up with the leaders by holding onto fifth place. By the first turn, we saw both the Ferrari drivers in the lead once again as Bottas locked up.

At lap six, loads had changed as we see Leclerc taking the lead from Vettel and Hamilton managed to grab third while Bottas was holding on in fourth place. After pitting and by lap 21, we saw things change around once again. Leclerc was leading, Hamilton in second, Vettel in the other Ferrari in third and Bottas in fourth place. Lap 38 was merely disastrous for Ferrari as Hamilton takes second place from Vettel who tried to keep up but spun out instead as he’s missing a front wing.

By the end of the race, the results were very different as both Mercedes drivers managed to get past the Ferrari driven by Leclerc with Hamilton in first with another 25 points, Bottas in second with 18 points, Leclerc in third with 16 points for Ferrari, Verstappen claims 12 points for Red Bull and Vettel grabs fifth to score another 10 points for Ferrari.