Azerbaijan GP Race Results

Once again it was race weekend, and the F1 teams were all ready to prove themselves and gain points for their organizations. The last weekend featured the fourth race of the 2019 season at Azerbaijan, which hosts the Baku City Circuit.

If you remember from Qualifying, we once again saw both the Mercedes cars start in the front, followed by Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari and Max Verstappen in the Red Bull. The other Ferrari didn’t finish and started in 9th place for the race.

Well, the results were indeed impressive, and we once again see the Mercedes team take the most points. However, the fight for the second place seems to have come to an end as Ferrari manages two top five positions while Pierre Gasly dropped the ball and didn’t finish along with Romain Grosjean, Daniil Kvyak and Daniel Ricciardo.

Race Results

As usual, we only focus on the top five positions as these provide the most points to the drivers and give us the highlights of the racing action. Unlike the lost rice, we see both the Ferrari drivers in the top five along with with one Red Bull car and of course, both the Mercedes drivers.

Once again, both Hamilton and Bottas claim the most points with first and second place. This time, it was Valtteri Bottas claiming first with a time of 1:31:52.942 and Hamilton was just 1.524 seconds behind him. This created a good battle between the Mercedes drivers, delivering speedy lap times and once again getting ahead of the rest by quite a large margin.

The Ferrari team scored both third and fifth place to add to their team totals. As expected, Sebastian Vettel finished after the Mercs and claimed 15 points for the Ferrari team. He did not do too badly when you consider he was only 11.739 second behind the leader. Sure, it wasn’t as if it was a close call, but with the way Mercedes has been staying ahead, it’s still good results. Charles Leclerc managed to make his way up from his ninth place starting position. He finished in fifth, scoring yet another 11 points for the team.

Red Bull was fighting hard for second place against Ferrari, and Max Verstappen still keeps up and brings home the right points to keep them in the game. He finished in fourth place, right between the two Ferrari drivers with 17.493 seconds behind the leader. This provides a total of 12 points to the team, which is an excellent step in the right direction, but since Pierre Gasly didn’t finish, it means he is the only one contributing points towards the team for this race.

With these results, we see Mercedes with a massive lead and 173 points, followed by Ferrari with 99 points. The Red Bull Racing Honda team would need to do a lot to catch Ferrari again as they’ve fallen back to 64 points in total. The McLaren Renault team is in fourth place with just 18 points.