Andrea Stella Prompted to McLaren Racing Director

The countdown for the 2020 Formula 1 season has begun, with less than three months remaining until the grid lights go out in Melbourne. Numerous teams have begun reworking their strategies, which include changes to the cars and team management. It was confirmed today that McLaren has begun altering the team management, with Andrea Stella being promoted to the Racing Director, Stella, This comes after Stella had a significant role in McLaren placing fourth in the Constructor’s Championship. The new role will see Stella having a larger impact on the team’s developments in 2020.

Zac Brown has made significant efforts to guarantee that the management structure at McLaren is well understood, with everybody’s roles and responsibilities being made clear to the team. Brown completed an in-depth analysis of how the internal structures could be reworked, with Stella first being considered for the Performance Director position. However, after Andrea Stella took the role temporarily last season it was determined he was the best selection for the role as Racing Director. Going forward. Stella will be responsible for the operational functions of races and overall race engineering and will see his workload doubled as he will maintain his responsibilities as Chief Engineer.

Andrea Stella will work with James Key, the Technical Director for McLaren, to guarantee that technical developments for track performance are drastically improved. This means that McLaren could potentially become the third-best team in Formula One. Additional individuals that now report to Stella include Paul James as the Team Manager and Production Director, Paul Thynne. Zac Brown noted that this decision was made to benefit the streamlining of race weekends and in-factory developments. Collectively, Andrea Stella will have three divisions with McLaren reporting to him.

McLaren Speaks

Zac Brown spoke with reporters on the recent alterations to team structure. He mentioned how, when he took over the team, a traditional and clear motorsport organization was built. This means three significant departments that govern the development of drivers and their vehicles. These three departments include Production, Technical Engineering, and Race Directive. Brown clarified that they needed to maintain individuals that were familiar with the development of McLaren’s future in Formula One. It’s one of the key reasons why nobody new was hired onto the team. Clear reporting lines are what’s most challenging for Zac Brown.

Brown’s comments ended with him mentioning that regulations are continuously changing, which requires extensive analysis of future strategies and developments internally. Having dedicated individuals with history is significant, which was proven with the alterations at Williams.