Alfa Romeo F1 Boss Issues Dire Warnings

Personnel associated with Formula One have committed to self-isolation measures following the continued Covid-19 Pandemic. Team bosses, drivers and related staff were sent home after the 2020 F1 Season was postponed. Considering that F1 Cars won’t race until June, there are multiple team bosses concerned with the financial impact. That includes Frederic Vasseur, the Alfa Romeo Team Boss. Even though there are concerns regarding the economic effects of Covid-19, the Italian noted there are countless people with more significant problems than this sport and families that have been victimized with this virus. The novel coronavirus pandemic is more critical than Formula One, which is ultimately there for entertainment and innovation.

Formula One doesn’t contribute anything to society, other than improving the technologies associated with manufacturing cars. It also provided exciting entertainment to millions worldwide. Though Frederic Vasseur doesn’t want to see the season experience a delayed start, he’d instead this occur then see thousands face the possible consequences associated with Formula One. When questioned by motorsport reporters via video conference, he expressed that with all the suffering shown worldwide with Covid-19, the FIA shouldn’t want to drive around the circuits in 2020. The associated losses to investors, sponsors and F1 Teams will prompt the season to move forward.

Formula One Racing Against Covid-19

Frederic Vasseur was questioned on his feelings towards Covid-19s impact on Formula One. He expressed that this global crisis is affecting the world over but also destroying his sport. It’s the most extensive crisis F1 has experienced since their innovation 70-years-ago. Several races have already been postponed, with the potential for an additional two or three to be cancelled.

F1 expects a 2020 calendar supporting fifteen to eighteen Grand Prix’s. The associated losses with the terminated GPs would see significant financial ramifications, with midfield outfits potentially unable to compete with the fallout. This occurred throughout the 2008 Financial Crisis, which saw three F1 Teams leave the sport permanently. Alfa Romeo could face similar ramifications following the Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s for these reasons that the FIA are determined to bring the competition back front & centre before June 2020. Considering that Alfa Romeo receives a significant percentage of funding through Ferrari, there’s a minimal chance that one of F1s leading teams would allow its midfield counterpart to disappear.