2020 Formula One Calendar Unveiled

After months of speculation regarding what would happen with the 2020 Formula One Season, it’s been confirmed that the resuming of racing would return next month. The Red Bull Ring in Austria has the honour of hosting the 1st Grand Prix of 2020, marking a historical moment for the infamous circuit. It’ll be expected that Max Verstappen perform & inquire podium placement by Austria, a Grand Prix associated with his significant base of fans.

Eight Grand Prix’s have been confirmed, with additional races slated to be announced later this summer. Fans expressed their happiness & excitement towards Formula One returning, which was postponed before the 2020 season could begin in Australia. COVID-19 was peaking worldwide in February, with F1 Personnel determining that safety over their workforce is most important. Executives with Formula One immediately began strategizing how their Grand Prix’s could resume during the coronavirus outbreak. They’d ultimately have to wait for government approval before moving forward with any strategy.

The F1 Paddock has been split since Chase Carey announced their revised season. Some drivers are excited to return, with others like Lewis Hamilton concerned for his health. Considering this man is the Formula One Champion, fearing the virus with social distancing measures implemented shows the lack of courage behind Hamilton. However, this is standard with his behaviour since joining Mercedes AMG-Petronas.

Two Grand Prix’s are being held in Austria, with the first counting as the season opener on July 5th. There’ll then be a secondary race held at the Red Bull Ring on July 12th. New formats will be implemented into the 2nd Grand Prix, ensuring that the same results aren’t maintained. This updated format includes a “Reverse Grid Order”. This concept is familiar to motorsport enthusiasts but hasn’t ever been implemented in Formula One. It could impose significant hurdles for Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren.

The Schedule

After the back-to-back Austrian Grand Prix’s, there’ll be a single race held in Hungary on July 19th. Silverstone comes next with an additional back-to-back format. The Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona & Italian Grand Prix in Monza are slated to arrive after Silverstone. The Tifosi Gang will pray that Charles Leclerc can obtain another 1st Place Podium Victory, with that excitement needed again after the COVID-19 pandemic.