2019 Renault RS19 Formula 1 Car Launched

The new 2019 R19 Renault Formula 1 car rushes over the media with striking curves and interesting designs, ready to take on the top three teams and close the gap for the 2019 season.

The team has once again taken bold steps in development and trust that their on-going infrastructure and improvements over the last few seasons will continue in 2019. The team looks forward to the continued improvements from Nico Hulkenberg and the new opportunities Daniel Ricciardo will bring to the team. 

It’s quite interesting when you take a closer look at the car as might find the 2018 model’s design in a few places. In fact, it’s been reveals that the team used the 2018 chassis at the launch but include loads of new and exciting design features for the year ahead.

At the launch, we also heard a just how proud the managing director of Renault F1 is as he stated a simple walk around the car would instantly let you feel the passion that went into the design. He also added that it’s about time they show everyone what’s been going on in the background while they design the new car, making this the ideal time to reveal what’s to be found in the Renault pits.

The MG went on to explain that it all started with a complete redesign of the factory, including the transformation of the wind tunnel, cleaning rooms, racing pays, manufacturing and much more. He says the transformation was all geared towards performing with the best.

In no way should you underestimate the Renault team as they finished fourth overall in the 2018 season, trailing just behind the biggest brands in F1, including Mercedes, Ferrari and of course, Red Bull. However, with the new design with everything from factory to car, the team might just have that special mix of getting ahead and not only keeping up but dominating as well. 

One of the biggest changes was the colours used on the new 2019 car, including striking black and yellow lines that highlight each aspect of what it has to offer. The team says they left each part to the latest possible point, allowing time for perfection and the finest details with each piece of the puzzle. The team still has a lot to do before testing begins, which doesn’t leave them a whole lot of time. However, it seems as if everyone is committed to providing their all and ensuring it’s nothing bet perfect for the first time on the track.

When it comes to the engine design, Renault says the 2019 model is offering a much-improved version of what we saw in 2018, which already performed amazingly well. They wouldn’t provide too much detail about the improvements, but they invite everyone to find out what it has to offer in the season ahead.